DOK.fest München

„El Peso del Oro“ has been selected to participate in the 34th Munich International Documentary Film Festival from 8th until 19th May 2019. We are incredibly proud and happy to participate for the Student Award.

El Peso del Oro

In the beginning, a labyrinth. The camera follows through shafts, tunnels in pits. Very close, almost distorted. Only the miners‘ headlamps illuminate part of their reality. Sweat, dirt, scars on their faces, in society, in the landscape. Elements collide with each other. Dirty hands and faces, rough voices. Deep below the mountain, at 40 degrees Celsius, the gold miners open up to the camera and tell about their lives. They do not own any gold themselves. Their wedding rings are made of stainless steel. Their gold chains are made of plastic. Despite all the adversity, the workers are proud of what they do. The danger binds them together like brothers. They divide the gold they find among themselves – others determine the price for it.

Morte e Vida

Based on the novel „Morte e Vida Severina“ by João Cabral de Melo Neto from the year 1955, the film tells the story of the fictive character Severino that tries to find a better life in the big Brazilian city Recife. On his way from the desert-like area he grew up to the coast, we get to know various people working in Brazil. They tell about their reality at the bottom of a society in the year 2016.

Miłosz Żmiejewski & Yves Itzek



Four women, four stories about every day struggles. An episodic film about lack of communication.

Director: Moira Himmelsbach
28 min – Fiction – Arri Alexa Classic – Color – 2K – Germany – 2017



Man, machine and landscape as icons in a timeless circle. Eternal repetition. There is no evasion. The man as an unfree labourer for the machine… machines have no dreams. The mill grinds on and on.

Yves Maurice & Miłosz Żmiejewski

Three-channel video installation with sound – projection on wood, black iridescent colour – 10 min loop

Memento Mori

„Do you fear death? Don ́t be frightened…“
A boy spends hours on a busy holiday-beach.
His impressions and thoughts intertwine to a current perception, that is concerned with transience.
The cinematic essay Memento Mori aims to understand life and death as a unit and questions the fear of death.

Director: Nina Schiena
13 min – Fiction – 5D MK II– Color – Full HD – Germany – 2016


Three teenage friends looking for trouble in a Berlin suburb. When they crush a shop-opening-ceremony, their violence leads to a tragic accident. A black-comedy-short about growing up with a lot of anger inside.

Director: Martin Balster

20 min – Fiction – Arri Alexa Classic – Color – 2K – Germany – 2016


The documentary follows a female hunter on their hunt in the early morning.

Director: Marie Altgen
7 min – Documentary – Arri SR 2 – Color – 16mm – Germany – 2014

Nina & Rio

The first own car of Nina turns out to be more problematic then thought. On her 30th birthday she explains how it is to live in her car. On good days the dream of independence comes true. On bad days, a wheel falls of while driving. The freedom and liberty, the 25 year old Volkswagen promises, has to be paid by a lot of sweat, tears and money.

25 min – Documentary – 5D MKII – Color – HD – Germany – 2015