Three teenage friends looking for trouble in a Berlin suburb. When they crush a shop-opening-ceremony, their violence leads to a tragic accident. A black-comedy-short about growing up with a lot of anger inside.

Director: Martin Balster

20 min – Fiction – Arri Alexa Classic – Color – 2K – Germany – 2016


The documentary follows a female hunter on their hunt in the early morning.

Director: Marie Altgen
7 min – Documentary – Arri SR 2 – Color – 16mm – Germany – 2014

Nina & Rio

The first own car of Nina turns out to be more problematic then thought. On her 30th birthday she explains how it is to live in her car. On good days the dream of independence comes true. On bad days, a wheel falls of while driving. The freedom and liberty, the 25 year old Volkswagen promises, has to be paid by a lot of sweat, tears and money.

25 min – Documentary – 5D MKII – Color – HD – Germany – 2015


After seven years of flight, the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft passed Saturn’s moon Phoebe on 11 June 2004 at a distance of only 2068 km and examined it closely.

Cassini is currently still in orbit around Saturn and is conducting further investigations.

Music by Hayden Chisholm


An experimental attempt to capture the unique quality of each element on film.

5 min loop – Installation – Sony FS 700 – Color – Full Hd – Germany – 2014

Mekong Moments

A short documentary about the Mekong river inThailand and how it influences the lives of the people living on its shore.

Nominated for „Best Cinematography“ at Thailand Film Destination Festival 2013.


Experimental journey from black to white.

„Best Experimental Film“ at StudentCutz 2013

5 min – Experimental – 5D MK 2 – B/W – HD – Germany – 2012